Game Trophies

Bouncing Balls Bouncing Balls Rated Stars Bounce 'em balls like it means something Action - Other FWG Defender FWG Defender Rated Stars It's a skill defense game. Skill - Avoid FWG Lights FWG Lights Rated Stars Kick the tires and light the fires! Puzzles - Other Plant Evolution Plant Evolution Rated Stars Plant Evolution is a unique addictive puzzle game with... vegetables! Puzzles - Sliding Snakes and Ladders Snakes and Ladders Rated Stars It's the classic snakes and ladders game! Adventure - Other GolfGolf GolfGolf Rated Stars How well can you control your balls? Sports - Golf Connect 4 Connect 4 Rated Stars The classic strategy game Strategy - Other CrazyQuiz CrazyQuiz Rated Stars Its quiz time and the clock is ticking! Puzzles - Quiz Puzzle Blocks Ancient Puzzle Blocks Ancient Rated Stars Solve the riddles of ancient civilizations, the puzzling way! Puzzles - Sliding Sokoban Sokoban Rated Stars It's another sokoban game! Puzzles - Other Sky Knight Sky Knight Rated Stars Sky Knight is Shoot ‘em up vertically scrolling top-down retro shooter game. Shooter - Vertical Flight Goose Game Goose Game Rated Stars A classic board game for the young and the young of heart Adventure - Other Lemmy vs Zombies Lemmy vs Zombies Rated Stars Simple very fast paced zombie survival game. Shooter - Multidirectional Battleship War Battleship War Rated Stars Battleship War is an HTML5 strategy board game. Strategy - Other Four colors Four colors Rated Stars It's an HTML variation on the classic UNO game. Strategy - Other Don't Cut Yourself Don't Cut Yourself Rated Stars How steady r u with a knife? Action - Other Light Way Light Way Rated Stars Puzzle ur way through this brain bending light beaming game of logic. Puzzles - Other Electrio Electrio Rated Stars Connect the electrons and positrons in this brain bender! Puzzles - Other Wothan Escape Wothan Escape Rated Stars Try to escape from the dungeons of death! Platformer - Other Isometric Puzzle Isometric Puzzle Rated Stars A 3D brain bender Puzzles - Sliding

2016 Submissions

Santa Girl Runner Santa Girl Runner Rated Stars Help Santa collect presents! Action - Other Christmas Furious Christmas Furious Rated Stars A furious Xmas is coming ur way! Action - Other Snowball Christmas World Snowball Christmas World Rated Stars Help snowball survive the dangers of Xmas World! Platformer - Puzzle Gingerbread Maker Gingerbread Maker Rated Stars Can u make awesome puzzling gingerbreads? Puzzles - Other Flapcat Christmas Flapcat Christmas Rated Stars Santa is having a Xmas crisis, time for FlapCat to come to the rescue Skill - Avoid Jelly Pop Jelly Pop Rated Stars Combine the jellys and make the ultimate jelly! Puzzles - Sliding Halloween Memory Halloween Memory Rated Stars Increasingly more difficult memory game. Puzzles - Other FlapCat Halloween FlapCat Halloween Rated Stars Flap like u have never flapped before. Skill - Avoid Math Freak Math Freak Rated Stars R U a math FREAK? Puzzles - Quiz zBall zBall Rated Stars Can u control your balls? Skill - Avoid Neonman Neonman Rated Stars Run and jump in a neon world Skill - Avoid Panda Love Panda Love Rated Stars Help the panda find true love. Platformer - Other Ojello Ojello Rated Stars Cut up the jello Puzzles - Other Color Tease Color Tease Rated Stars can u do two things at the same time? Skill - Other Tank Defender Tank Defender Rated Stars Shoot the aliens with the right bullets or die. Shooter - Fixed Run Pixie Run Run Pixie Run Rated Stars Help the pixie gobble up a lot of candy. Skill - Avoid Crazy Freekick Crazy Freekick Rated Stars Can u kick a goal? Sports - Soccer T-Rex Runner T-Rex Runner Rated Stars Keep Rex alive and avoid hitting things Shooter - Run 'n Gun TwoSides TwoSides Rated Stars Quick thinking, quick clicking. Puzzles - Other Cube Ninja Cube Ninja Rated Stars Help the ninja get as far as possible Platformer - Hop and Bop Cricket Batter Challenge Cricket Batter Challenge Rated Stars Hit the ball out for a six! Sports - Other Skeet Challenge Skeet Challenge Rated Stars Shoot some skeets Shooter - Fixed Pig Pig Rated Stars Bounce ur pig up to infinity Skill - Toss Sheep Sheep Rated Stars Kidnap some sheep for probing Action - Other Emoji Quiz Emoji Quiz Rated Stars Can u guess what it is? Puzzles - Quiz Your Pet Pow Your Pet Pow Rated Stars Look after ur pet and buy him things Simulation - Pet / Buddy Monster Eater Monster Eater Rated Stars Its a monster eat monster world Puzzles - Sliding Lifeline Lifeline Rated Stars Protect the lighthouse Skill - Other PowerBlocks 2 PowerBlocks 2 Rated Stars Rearrange the puzzle pieces if u can Puzzles - Other Swipe Swipe Rated Stars Do u have the skill to swipe ur way to the top? Skill - Avoid Angry Fish Angry Fish Rated Stars It's an angry birds clone... with fish! Skill - Toss 10 Differences 10 Differences Rated Stars Can u spot the 10 differences in the time given? Puzzles - Difference Mystery Pic Mystery Pic Rated Stars Can u guess what the pic is? Puzzles - Quiz Through game Through game Rated Stars Skill, timing and more skill required Skill - Avoid Flapcat Copters Flapcat Copters Rated Stars Flap that cat through the challenging obstacle course Skill - Avoid Zombie Crashing Zombie Crashing Rated Stars Spatter some zombies Shooter - Run 'n Gun PowerBlocks PowerBlocks Rated Stars Power ur way through this puzzler Puzzles - Other 100m Race 100m Race Rated Stars Can u win all the running races? Sports - Racing Flowers Flowers Rated Stars Connect the flowers in this tricky puzzler Puzzles - Other Flapcat Steampunk Flapcat Steampunk Rated Stars Help Flapcat fly from point a to point b with his steampunky jetpack Skill - Avoid Clock Shooter Clock Shooter Rated Stars tick tock tick tock, shoot the clock Shooter - Multidirectional Snowball World Snowball World Rated Stars Help Snowball, the brave cat, traverse his world Platformer - Other Pixel Shooter Pixel Shooter Rated Stars The evil squares need to be terminated, r u the triangle for the job? Shooter - Vertical Flight Baseball Pro Baseball Pro Rated Stars Can u hit the baseball out of the stadium? Sports - Other Pixel Zombies Pixel Zombies Rated Stars The zombies are coming... the zombies are coming! Shooter - Fixed SpikeBird SpikeBird Rated Stars How long can u keep spike bird alive? Skill - Avoid Hungry Bob Hungry Bob Rated Stars Bob is hungry... feed him Skill - Collect Master Checkers Master Checkers Rated Stars Try to outwit a pretty clever checkers AI Strategy - Other Dash Man Dash Man Rated Stars Try to run as far as possible on the tops of the towers Platformer - Other ColorValley ColorValley Rated Stars Color ur way to the very top! Skill - Avoid Pop Up! Pop Up! Rated Stars Pop ur way to the top Skill - Avoid

2012 Submissions

Bounzy Christmas Bounzy Christmas Rated Stars Bounce snowballs around the screen and knock out the robots and snowmen! Shooter - Fixed Spini Spini Rated Stars Rotate the world to complete puzzles across 25 world spinning levels! Platformer - Other Portals Portals Rated Stars Help the matching monsters unite in holy monstromony! Puzzles - Other Escape from the Thing Escape from the Thing Rated Stars You've cornered yourself in an attic. Try to make your escape! Adventure - Other DomiHammi DomiHammi Rated Stars Put your wits and lateral thinking to the test in this physics-based puzzle game! Puzzles - Other Dark Run Dark Run Rated Stars Escape the darkness! Skill - Avoid Anti-Cast II Anti-Cast II Rated Stars An unique point-and-click game that revolves around the world of Aura. Adventure - Point 'n Click Ultimate Cruise Ultimate Cruise Rated Stars Run a cruise liner business and get rich! Simulation - Job Save Me Ultimate Save Me Ultimate Rated Stars Save the people jumping from the burning building! Skill - Other Tank 2012 Tank 2012 Rated Stars The battle of the tanks is on again! Is this the final exciting chapter? Will you survive? Shooter - Multidirectional D-Space D-Space Rated Stars Conquer the galaxy and defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Popboard Popboard Rated Stars Race around the board, rubbing out images as fast as you can! Skill - Other Super Fireman Super Fireman Rated Stars Put out all the fires before they destroy lives and property. Simulation - Other Beach Resort Beach Resort Rated Stars You've started your own beach resort. Serve customers, expand your enterprise, make money! Simulation - Job
FWG Marbles FWG Marbles Rated Stars A simple marbles game. Knock your opponent's marbles out of the ring or into the holes. Skill - Other FWG Confrontation FWG Confrontation Rated Stars Beat the hell out of strange alien lifeforms! Fighting - Brawler Pet Soldiers Pet Soldiers Rated Stars It's war-- time-management style! Strategy - Real-time (RTS) DominoFall 2 DominoFall 2 Rated Stars Knock over all the dominoes with as few cannonballs as possible! Skill - Other Alexander the Great Game Alexander the Great Game Rated Stars Conquer the ancient world in this real time strategy warfare game. Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Skyscraper Defence Skyscraper Defence Rated Stars A tower defense game with mercenaries and gangsters! Who will win? Strategy - Tower Defense Golferrific Golferrific Rated Stars How good are your golfing skills? Sports - Golf X-Striker X-Striker Rated Stars Use your police force to stop gangsters from overrunning the city! Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Word Mountain Word Mountain Rated Stars Journey across the land climbing the highest mountains in the world. Skill - Typing Mummy Defence Mummy Defence Rated Stars The Egyptian empire is in turmoil- defeat the opposing force by obliterating their palace. Strategy - Tower Defense M. Mode M. Mode Rated Stars A very fashionable shoot em up in the tradition of Defender Shooter - Horizontal Flight CargoMaster 2 CargoMaster 2 Rated Stars Are you up to the challenge of running a successful transport company? Skill - Other Easter Island Mystery Easter Island Mystery Rated Stars Save the Earth from global warming in this point n' click puzzler! Adventure - Point 'n Click Bed and Breakfast 2 Bed and Breakfast 2 Rated Stars Be the boss of your own bed and breakfast hotel! Simulation - Job Blocky (FWG) Blocky (FWG) Rated Stars O M G - Blocky is lost! Can u help him get home? Puzzles - Other Political Duel 2 Political Duel 2 Rated Stars The battle of the world leaders is on again! Who will triumph? Fighting - VS Donut Empire Donut Empire Rated Stars Donuts! Donuts! Make a killing in the donut world! Simulation - Job The Great War: WWI The Great War: WWI Rated Stars Wipe out the German forces and bring an end to the war! Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Zoo Escape 2 Zoo Escape 2 Rated Stars Help the farm animals escape from the evil petting zoo-- again! Puzzles - Other Runman Runman Rated Stars Blast your way to freedom and shoot all who get in your way! Shooter - Run 'n Gun
SantaBlob SantaBlob Rated Stars Help Santa collect yummy sea creatures to cook up for his Xmas dinner! Puzzles - Other Tank 2010 Tank 2010 Rated Stars The battle of the tanks is on again! Shooter - Multidirectional CargoMaster CargoMaster Rated Stars Master the skills of cargo delivery! Skill - Other Runaway Train Runaway Train Rated Stars How fast can you get around the insane sky rail network? Skill - Avoid Golfman Xtreme Golfman Xtreme Rated Stars It's time to crack some skulls - with ya golf ball! Sports - Golf Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Rated Stars Can you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun f Simulation - Job Front2Back Front2Back Rated Stars A tricky, braintwisting platformer! Platformer - Puzzle Big Bucks Big Bucks Rated Stars A real-time property development board game. Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Penguin War Penguin War Rated Stars A very fast-paced penguin tower defense game! Strategy - Tower Defense Neck Twist Neck Twist Rated Stars Skate around your enemy and twist his neck off! Action - Other Life Ark 5 Life Ark 5 Rated Stars The Life Arkeans have arrived on the planet Earth! Adventure - Point 'n Click Noodle Shop Noodle Shop Rated Stars Cook up noodles and make customers happy! Simulation - Job Crazy Nails Crazy Nails Rated Stars Ever wanted to shoot things with a nail gun? Well, here's your chance! Shooter - Fixed Zombieman 2 Zombieman 2 Rated Stars The world has gone to hell and the zombies are taking over! Shooter - Multidirectional Mental - Murder Most Foul Mental - Murder Most Foul Rated Stars Help Fred, Walter and Greg escape capture and get to their home in the country. Adventure - Other Tank 2008: Final Assault Tank 2008: Final Assault Rated Stars The War of the Tanks is in its final catastrophic stages... Shooter - Multidirectional The Knocker The Knocker Rated Stars Demolishing buildings in the future is much simpler and more fun ;) Skill - Other FWG Zoo Escape FWG Zoo Escape Rated Stars A breakout is planned by the petting zoo animals! Puzzles - Other Hot Date Hunter Hot Date Hunter Rated Stars Climb up the tower of love and get what you're looking for! Platformer - Other The Leon Wars The Leon Wars Rated Stars Conquer the free lands, expand your domain and exterminate the opposition. Adventure - RPG Stunt Bike Draw 3 Stunt Bike Draw 3 Rated Stars Vrooom vrrroooom! Rev your engine and go go go! Sports - Racing D-Finder 4 D-Finder 4 Rated Stars Solve the quad difference mystery in D-Finder 4 Puzzles - Difference

2009 Submissions

Xmas Frenzy 2 Xmas Frenzy 2 Rated Stars Run for your life - avoid the Xmas present chaos! Platformer - Hop and Bop Xmas Frenzy Xmas Frenzy Rated Stars It's present stomping time! Platformer - Hop and Bop Elastoman Elastoman Rated Stars Elastoman to the rescue! Can you save kidnapped citizens across the city? Platformer - Other Mummy Tombs 2 Mummy Tombs 2 Rated Stars Return to Egypt and slaughter mummies! Shooter - Fixed - Kill Me - - Kill Me - Rated Stars Play God, and go on a killing frenzy! Action - Other Life Ark 4 Life Ark 4 Rated Stars Escape before the blackhole consumes your civilisation! Adventure - Point 'n Click Mummy Tombs Mummy Tombs Rated Stars Can you survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death?! Shooter - Run 'n Gun Box Office Box Office Rated Stars Turn your box office into a huge enterprise. Simulation - Job Bubble Blob Bubble Blob Rated Stars Catch the helpless sea creatures in this fun puzzler! Puzzles - Other Life Ark 3 Life Ark 3 Rated Stars Can you escape from the deserted moon and save your people from the blackhole? Adventure - Point 'n Click Choo Choo Choo Choo Rated Stars Drive the train of death and destroy all who oppose you! Shooter - Run 'n Gun Easter Island TD Easter Island TD Rated Stars Stop the inter-dimensional creatures from destroying the stone heads! Strategy - Tower Defense Golfman Golfman Rated Stars Anyone for a game of golf? Sports - Golf Evolver Evolver Rated Stars Evolve your monkey into a modern human being. Alien Flight Alien Flight Rated Stars Infiltrate and destroy the alien mothership! Puzzles - Sliding Alien Abductor Alien Abductor Rated Stars Kidnap those pitiful human beings! Life Ark 2 Life Ark 2 Rated Stars Build an interstellar craft to save your civilization. Super Lava Jumper Super Lava Jumper Rated Stars Escape the lava with you super ninja skills! Platformer - Other Puzzle Core Puzzle Core Rated Stars Dual screen block busting action - are you skilled enough?! Puzzles - Other D-Finder 3 D-Finder 3 Rated Stars Your brain may very well explode playing this game! Puzzles - Difference Chute Defence Chute Defence Rated Stars Eliminate the invading force intent on taking Space Station Xorbe in Earth's orbit. Strategy - Tower Defense Hot Date Hot Date Rated Stars Get the hot girl at the bar to go on a date with you. Simulation - Dating Stick Bang Stick Bang Rated Stars The war of the stick giants is on! Strategy - Artillery FWG Pursuit FWG Pursuit Rated Stars Outmanuever the police in your hotrod to make a safe getaway. Action - Other Shipping Blox Shipping Blox Rated Stars Lead the life of a dock worker! Puzzles - Other Zombieman Zombieman Rated Stars How long can you survive the zombie invasion? Shooter - Multidirectional Boomerpop Boomerpop Rated Stars Use your trusty boomerang to collect objects and complete various tasks. Mental Showtime Mental Showtime Rated Stars Escape the circus and find your friends! Adventure - Point 'n Click Blackboard Squash Blackboard Squash Rated Stars Try not to get chalked to death! Skill - Avoid FWG Knight 2 FWG Knight 2 Rated Stars Defeat evil and bring back joy to your kingdom! Action - Other Crazy Tracker Crazy Tracker Rated Stars How far can you get before you become a part of the machine?! Skill - Avoid FWG Evolution FWG Evolution Rated Stars Grow beetles, breed beetles and produce the ultimate beetle! Simulation - Pet / Buddy Crazy Skateboard Crazy Skateboard Rated Stars Use a skateboard or skooter and see how quickly you can get over the obstacle course! Sports - Other Puzzle Freak 2 Puzzle Freak 2 Rated Stars The battle of the brains is on again! Can your brain cope?! Puzzles - Other Box Racers Box Racers Rated Stars Race against the fastest box racers in the galaxy! Sports - Racing Run Run Fury Run Run Fury Rated Stars Run like a madman, taking out cops in this must play fast action shooter! Shooter - Run 'n Gun Magi Wars Magi Wars Rated Stars Who will be the greatest sorcerer on the planet? Action - Other Super D Super D Rated Stars Climb up the Tower of Dicedom and defeat the evil Big D. Platformer - Other Giraffe Above Giraffe Above Rated Stars You're a giraffe on a mission - can you handle the pressure? Puzzles - Other
Brain Follow Brain Follow Rated Stars Challenge your logic and memory skills! Puzzles - Other Santa's Secret Library Santa's Secret Library Rated Stars Find Santa's top secret library of toys and fun. Platformer - Other Grid81 Grid81 Rated Stars Work your mind by finding the objects hidden behind the grid system! Puzzles - Other Mind Cards Mind Cards Rated Stars Open your mind and prepare to exercise it. This is a challenging logic and memory game. Skill - Other Froglivery Froglivery Rated Stars Deliver packages quickly while avoiding cars and deadly falls from building tops! Skill - Other Bouncy Draw Bouncy Draw Rated Stars Bounce your way to the top of the canyon! Skill - Other ET Smash ET Smash Rated Stars You're an evil alien bent on the destruction of humans! Action - Other FWG Monkey Monkey FWG Monkey Monkey Rated Stars Build the worlds largest monkey chain! Skill - Toss Zombie Canyon Zombie Canyon Rated Stars Shoot the zombies before they feast on humans! Shooter - First Person Blobstar Blobstar Rated Stars Help Blobstar on his epic journey to find the sunken ship! Skill - Collect N-Tech: BattleGrounds N-Tech: BattleGrounds Rated Stars Adrenaline-pumping action as you strengthen your station while defeating rival factions. Shooter - Horizontal Flight FWG In the Woods FWG In the Woods Rated Stars Can you solve the puzzles and get out of the woods alive? Skill - Avoid The Life Ark The Life Ark Rated Stars Build an inter-dimensional ark to spread life in this world. Adventure - Point 'n Click Mazenetix Mazenetix Rated Stars Use a powerful magnet to get the ball to the exit point. Puzzles - Other Super Race Super Race Rated Stars Race to win the first intergalactic race for Supers! Sports - Racing Squirtman Squirtman Rated Stars Can you survive in this mutant-infested planet? Shooter - Run 'n Gun Cookie Tycoon Cookie Tycoon Rated Stars Can you be king of cookies in this challenging strategy game?! Simulation - Job Beetle Run Beetle Run Rated Stars Help the dung beetle get the chick of his dreams! Puzzles - Other D-Finder 2 D-Finder 2 Rated Stars Find the differences between the two images. Remember - differences change every time. Puzzles - Difference Fishy Hop Fishy Hop Rated Stars Swim, swim, swimming, how far can you get? Skill - Avoid Toy Massacre Toy Massacre Rated Stars Woodsy the psychotic toy has built a lovely block castle. Defend and destroy! The Junk Yard The Junk Yard Rated Stars The awesome fate of the junkyard is in your hands Skill - Other FWG Bridge 2 FWG Bridge 2 Rated Stars Build the worlds best bridge and save some freaky creatures! Puzzles - Other - The Battle - - The Battle - Rated Stars Create the ultimate army! Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Primal Defence Primal Defence Rated Stars Stop the attacking demons! Shooter - Fixed FWG Bridge FWG Bridge Rated Stars How good are your bridge building skills? Puzzles - Other -The Journey- -The Journey- Rated Stars You're a square-headed freak trying to get out of the city Adventure - Point 'n Click Pirate Race Pirate Race Rated Stars It be true me hearties, a treasure race for pirates, can you win? Action - Other Blobular Blobular Rated Stars Travel through Planet Blob and help Blobular complete his epic journey. Platformer - Other Elephant Below Elephant Below Rated Stars Use your big fat elephant nose to gobble up clams! Stunt Bike Draw 2 Stunt Bike Draw 2 Rated Stars The bike is back and it's ready to rumble!! Puzzles - Other D-Finder D-Finder Rated Stars Click click click... can you spot the difference? Puzzles - Difference Cog Factory Cog Factory Rated Stars Can you make the 'machine'? Puzzles - Other Sprintster Sprintster Rated Stars You've just been sucked to a new dimension, can you survive? Skill - Avoid FWG Knight FWG Knight Rated Stars Defeat the dragons and their evil servants before they conquer your kingdom! Action - Other The Equator The Equator Rated Stars Time to get your Math brain into gear! Puzzles - Other Word Freak Word Freak Rated Stars Is your brain big enough to be the word freak? Puzzles - Other Sea Diver Sea Diver Rated Stars Dive for treasure, get rich! Skill - Toss Bird Frenzy Bird Frenzy Rated Stars Feed the chicks to the beat of the music! Rhythm Lilly Hop Lilly Hop Rated Stars It's lilly pad hopping madness! Puzzles - Other Blockocide Blockocide Rated Stars Fast-paced block removing mayhem. Puzzles - Other Ostrich Underground Ostrich Underground Rated Stars You're a crazed ostrich with a fetish for eggs. Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Rated Stars Expand the Mongol empire and conquer the world. Strategy - Other FWG Island FWG Island Rated Stars An action strategy game where you protect your island from evil developers! Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Teddy in the Bush Teddy in the Bush Rated Stars Power hungry bear that must be satisfied! Skill - Collect Mental Mental Rated Stars Try to escape from a mental institution with two of your friends! Puzzles - Other FWG Pinball FWG Pinball Rated Stars 7 fast-paced paddle pinball machines in one game! Skill - Collect Tank 2008 Tank 2008 Rated Stars Settle the War of the Tanks once and for all! Shooter - Multidirectional
Save Me 3 Save Me 3 Rated Stars Help the people jump from the burning building! Skill - Collect Cyborg. Cyborg. Rated Stars You're a crazed cyborg chick bent on destruction and the obliteration of George W Bush! Shooter - Run 'n Gun Santa Drop Santa Drop Rated Stars Deliver presents over photo-realistic cities around the world! Shooter - Vertical Flight Xmas Corner Xmas Corner Rated Stars Catch the runaway presents Puzzles - Other Wordelicious Wordelicious Rated Stars Word hunting on a 3D cube! Puzzles - Other Top Chef Top Chef Rated Stars Fine dining in the fires of hell Simulation - Job - Desert Rally - - Desert Rally - Rated Stars Race through the desert and try to get as far as possible before you crash and burn. Sports - Racing Barnyard Balloon Barnyard Balloon Rated Stars Who will be king of the barnyard? Head Defence Head Defence Rated Stars Use your head to destroy the enemy castle! Platformer - Other - Rebound - - Rebound - Rated Stars Help the fluffball escape the garden of mystery! Puzzles - Other Dodge Fishy Dodge Fishy Rated Stars Avoid being eaten by the big fish! Skill - Avoid - Super B - - Super B - Rated Stars Super B to the rescue! Shooter - Tube / Rail Pathfinder Pathfinder Rated Stars Can you stay on the intergalactic highway? Skill - Avoid Hidden Zombie Hidden Zombie Rated Stars Find the matching zombie and then blast him to hell and back! Math Attack! Math Attack! Rated Stars Using math skills stop the viruses and bacteria from infecting the person! Golf Drive Golf Drive Rated Stars Your objective is to play a pre-historic round of golf with your trusty catapult! Sports - Golf TheReturn TheReturn Rated Stars You crash land in a canyon. Your only hope is to climb to the top. Skill - Other Word Frenzy Word Frenzy Rated Stars Your objective is to type as fast as you can. Skill - Typing - Heist - - Heist - Rated Stars You're a thief, but not just any thief, the best thief ever. You plan on taking on your gr Adventure - RPG Math Mountain Math Mountain Rated Stars Math Mountain - challenge you brain! Revenge of the Stick Revenge of the Stick Rated Stars Stick-kind has had enough! Strategy - Tower Defense Tomb Chess Tomb Chess Rated Stars Kill the undead with your own army of undead in this unique strategy game. Skill - Other Pootris Pootris Rated Stars What is that smell? Puzzles - Falling Castle Draw Castle Draw Rated Stars Defend your castle from the Stick Alliance Super M Super M Rated Stars Super M to the rescue! Skill - Collect Tank 2007 Tank 2007 Rated Stars Blow the hell out of tanks, save the planet. Shooter - Multidirectional Street Rally Street Rally Rated Stars Street rally racing with Monster Trucks Sports - Racing -Penguin- -Penguin- Rated Stars Various ways you can make use of a penguin Shooter - Horizontal Flight B29 Assault B29 Assault Rated Stars Travel the world and destroy terrorist strongholds in your trusty B29 Bomber Shooter - Vertical Flight Save Me 2 Save Me 2 Rated Stars Animals of the City Zoo start fires at a number of raunchy penthouse parties. Connect-It Connect-It Rated Stars Fast paced click click click puzzle game! Puzzles - Other Bungee Rescue Bungee Rescue Rated Stars Save the people from the floods. Skill - Collect Puzzle Freak Puzzle Freak Rated Stars How big is your brain? Can you be the next Puzzle Freak? Puzzles - Other Little Fat Ninja Little Fat Ninja Rated Stars Help the little fat ninja clear the castle of evil dudes Platformer - Other Save Me! Save Me! Rated Stars Save the people and their furniture from the burning building! Skill - Collect Ant Move Ant Move Rated Stars Squash some bugs! The Missile Game 3D HS The Missile Game 3D HS Rated Stars "Be the missile" and fly down tunnels while dodging obstacles at super high speeds... Skill - Avoid Battlefield General Battlefield General Rated Stars Command an army and pacify the lands of ancient China! Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Electricman 2 HS Electricman 2 HS Rated Stars Be the most powerful being in the stickman universe! Fighting - Brawler Political Duel Political Duel Rated Stars Classic fighting game with the worlds super villains (dead or alive)! Fighting - VS Stunt Bike Draw Stunt Bike Draw Rated Stars Draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go! Gadgets - Construction Set